• FAQsWhen is the best time to place my order?

During normal business hours you can submit your order. Our friendly staff is waiting to hear from you and will provide the best service and print quality in the metro area.
If submitting an order for our Obituary Printing and Design service, Litho Printing recommends ordering your programs at least three days prior to the funeral service date.

  • When will I receive my order?

The total turnaround time will depend on how quickly all the required information and/or photos are sent. Most importantly, we’ll need your approval of a proof before printing your order.

  • How do I submit my order?

All online orders can be submitted using the Litho Printing order submission page or e-mail order@lithoprinting.com or for obituaries e-mail order@obituaryprint.com. You can also submit orders in person, by visiting our office Monday – Friday during hours of operation.

  • Do you provide personalized keepsake items?

The Obituary Printing and Design service also provides personalized memory keepsake items of your loved one that you can customize and order through our promotional products menu on LithoPrinting.com.

We promise that our items will provide a long-lasting memory for you and your family to be passed on to future generations.

  • What is the proofing process for obituaries?

Once we have the design ready, an electronic proof is provided.  This method of delivery ensures that we are capable of producing the obituary more quickly.  It also gives you the opportunity to make sure that all of the information is correct – we know that dates and misspellings are critical on such items. If you are unable to receive or view a digital proof, you can visit our office to review a copy before we go to print.

  • What are your payment options?

Currently, we accept cash, credit or debit card.

  • Will I receive a proof of my order before it is printed?

Yes, a copy of your order will be e-mailed or faxed for approval. Your approval or changes to the copy need to be sent to Litho Printing. We will not print your order until an approval of the job is received. Approval may be given by phone, fax or e-mail.

  • Do you have any current specials or deals?

Contact us for special pricing on your custom job.  One of our daily specials is $0.25 color copies and $0.40 two-sided copies.

If we did not answer any of your questions, please contact us by calling (586) PRINTER / (586) 772-6067